Powerful, Easy to Use Features

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. DealCheck has everything you need from a real estate analysis tool.

1. Accurate, unbiased property analysis

DealCheck’s analysis tools are powerful, yet incredibly easy to use. Calculate all important metrics for rental properties, flips, rehab projects, multi-family and commercial buildings.

Accurate property analysis for real estate investors and agents

2. Unlimited customization potential

We understand that every real estate deal is different. Our software allows you to enter financing, closing costs, repair items and operating expenses exactly how you want to.

Highlight customizable investment worksheets

3. Cash flow and profit projections

View long-term cash flow projections for rental properties and profit projections for flips. Changing deal parameters is as simple as moving a slider.

Calculate long-term cash flow and profit projections

4. Check properties against your purchase criteria

Set up detailed purchase criteria and focus on the metrics that are important to you. Instantly screen properties against your criteria and find the best deals.

Screen properties against your purchase criteria

5. Upload property photos

Upload your own property photos into DealCheck and make your reports stand out. You can even take instant live photos via our iOS and Android app.

Upload custom property photos

6. Calculate your highest offer price

Use the offer calculator to figure out the highest price you can offer to make a deal profitable. We use reverse valuation and over a dozen criteria to give you an accurate estimate.

Calculate your highest offer price based on custom criteria

7. Export professional PDF reports with custom branding

Create and export beautiful property reports with a single click. Add your custom branding and logo and share your reports with lenders, partners or clients.

Create professional, branded PDF reports

View sample reports generated directly from our software:

8. Find local investor-friendly lenders

Browse our curated list of investor-friendly lenders and quickly find conventional, hard money and portfolio loans. Contact lenders directly in just a few clicks.

Browse our investor friendly lender directory

9. Sync your data across any device

Sign in with your DealCheck account on any computer, mobile phone or tablet and access your properties anywhere, anytime. Your data is instantly synced to the cloud.

Instantly sync your properties and data across any device

Not on your mobile device? Email yourself the app download link.

10. Glossary, FAQs and in-house support

If you get stuck, we’ll get you unstuck as soon as possible. Get unlimited access to our comprehensive real estate glossary, answers to FAQs and in-house email support.

Real estate glossary with definitions and calculation formulas

Start analyzing investment properties like a pro.

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