Side-by-side property comparison has been one of our most-requested features and we’re really excited to let you know that it’s finally here!

Quickly Select Properties from Your List

Click (or tap on mobile) on the property photo thumbnails from your list to select the properties you’d like to compare.

Then click (or tap) the Compare button at the top to launch the new property comparison tool:

Start comparing properties by selecting them from your list

Select a Property to Compare from Its Details Page

Alternatively, you can start property comparison from each property’s details page via a link in the menu:

Select Compare from the property menu to start comparison

View All Relevant Analysis Metrics Side-By-Side

The new property comparison tool will show you all of the relevant purchase, rehab, financing, cash flow, profit and return metrics side-by-side.

You can use this to compare different properties or alternative scenarios for the same property (ex. with financing or without):

The new property comparison tool shows all analysis metrics side-by-side

We hope that this new tool will help you narrow down your search and find the best investment properties even quicker!

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