One of the things we’ve often heard from our users is that they want an easy way to share property reports with others.

Today we’ve taken a step toward improving that by launching interactive property reports you can share with anyone with a single click:

Interactive Reports Anyone Can View

Each property now has a unique link, which you can share with others to allow them to view an interactive property report online. And they don’t even need a DealCheck account to view it!

Click here to view a sample interactive report for a rehab & flip deal.

Quickly share interactive property reports anyone can view online

Quickly Share Report Links Right From the App

You can quickly share report links with lenders, partners, investors or clients using the new social sharing options or the apps installed on your phone:

Share interactive report links on social media or email

Customize Reports & Add Branding

You can customize what’s included in each interactive report and even add your branding and contact information (branding available to DealCheck Pro subscribers).

Each report can include the property description, analysis, buy & hold or profit projections, comps, maps, photos and notes:

Customize your report and add custom branding and contact info

The new interactive reports are now available for all existing properties and any new ones you add in the future.

Give this a try today!