After many months of hard work, we’re extremely excited to share our new platform in the DealCheck family – RentCast.

We built RentCast to help rental property investors, landlords and property managers grow and track their rental portfolios with these key features:

  • Get accurate rent estimates and rental comps for any property in the US
  • Look up local rental market statistics and historical trends to help you find new investment opportunities
  • Get real-time rent alerts and market updates for your rental portfolio to help you maximize your rental cash flow
  • Track rent changes and historical performance of your rental properties with one easy-to-use dashboard

You can start using RentCast for free online on your computer or phone at

Since this is a new project for us, we’ll be actively listening to your feedback and making frequent improvements in the coming months.

Going forward, we envision DealCheck and RentCast existing side-by-side, with DealCheck focusing on property analysis and acquisition, and RentCast focusing more on rental market research and rental portfolio tracking.

Feel free to reach out to us directly or post in the comments below to let us know what you think about our new software!