We’re excited to share our latest batch of new features and improvements, especially to buy & hold projections for rental properties:

Rental Property Sale Analysis

Both our app, as well as the PDF reports, now show a detailed sale analysis for each rental property in the Buy & Hold Projections section.

You can view your net equity, cumulative cash flow and total profit for each year. Pair this with our ROI and IRR metrics to get an idea for the total return you will get when you sell the property:

Sale Analysis for Rental Properties

Potential Tax Deductions & Savings

The Tax Deductions section in rental projections has been expanded to show potential savings from depreciation, loan interest and operating expenses:

View more potential tax deductions & savings

Purchase Offer Calculator Improvements

The Purchase Offer Calculator (available with DealCheck Pro) now shows which target metric is limiting your offer price.

This should help you fine-tune your criteria and figure out which ones may not be realistic:

View the target metric that's limiting your purchase price

This update also comes with a usual dose of navigation and interface improvements, as well as the Krona(e) currency option.

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