In our latest update, we made several improvements to our rental and rehab analysis tools to help you analyze more complex rental projection scenarios, and quickly create reusable rehab templates.

Here is everything we’ve added:

Analyze Advanced Rental Projection Scenarios

You can now configure specific expenses to be paid in future years, allowing you to model planned renovations, capital improvements and other one-time expenses.

You can also set the vacancy, appreciation, income and expense increases for each future year individually, to analyze lease-up periods or uneven property value, rent and expense increases:

Analyze advanced rental projection scenarios

Create Reusable Rehab Templates

You can now enter rehab costs using item cost and quantity, as well as a percentage of the total rehab budget.

Combine this with our property template system to quickly create reusable rehab and scope of work templates:

Create reusable rehab templates

More Accurate Sales Comps Data

We’ve improved the accuracy of our sales comparables nationwide, so you will now see more accurate information when looking up comps for your properties:

More accurate sales comps data

Other Improvements and Features

  • The “70% Rule” purchase criteria is now available for all rental properties and BRRRRs
  • All properties now show the after repair value per square foot, which you can also use as a purchase criteria
  • We’ve added the Kuwaiti dinar as an available currency option in your Settings


All of these features are now available online, as well as in our iOS and Android mobile app. Sign in to your account to give them a try: