Our latest update brings several highly-requested analysis and productivity improvements.

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Rehab Cost Financing for Rentals

Rehab cost financing now available for rental properties

Rental properties now support rehab cost financing. Use this feature if your lender is financing all or a portion of the rehab budget.

Enter Credits, Rebates & Discounts

You can now account for credits, rebates and discounts

We’ve added the ability to enter negative closing costs, rehab costs and expenses. This is useful for accounting for lender credits, rehab rebates or other discounts.

Sort Comps by Similarity, Distance or Date

Sort sales & rental comps by similarity, distance or date

You can now sort recent sales and rental comps by their similarity, distance or date sold/listed. They are sorted by similarity by default.

Quickly Duplicate or Move Your Properties

Quickly duplicate or move any property from the menu

Need to quickly duplicate or move a property to another category? Click on the property name from the menu on the left side to view the new quick actions.

P.S. Stay tuned for BRRRR analysis coming in our next big feature release!