We’re super excited to let you know about our latest feature – recent sales comps and After Repair Value (ARV) estimates!

Here is what you can do with it:

View Recent Sales Comps for Your Properties

Open the new Sales Comps & ARV page from the property menu to view up to 20 recent comparable sales for any property:

Recent Sales Comparables & After Repair Value (ARV) Estimates

Estimate Potential After Repair Value (ARV)

You’ll see the average sale price, automated valuation estimate, as well as the estimated ARV of the property you’re analyzing based on its living area.

With DealCheck Pro, you can even toggle which comps are included in the estimated ARV calculation:

Customize Sales Comps Used for ARV Calculation

Add Comps to Your Property Reports

You can also include sales comps in your PDF reports. Turn this on from the Report page before creating a new report:

Include Recent Sales Comps in Your Property Reports

We’d love for you to try this new feature and send us your feedback! Sign in to your account now to give it a try:

P.S. We’re working on adding rental listing comps and rent estimates for our next big update, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks! 👍