Our latest update added several new property report features, as well as the ability to sign in to DealCheck with your Apple account.

Don’t forget to download the latest version of our iOS or Android app to start using these new features!

New One-Page Property Reports

We’ve added the ability to create short, one-page reports for any property. These summary reports are great as introductory marketing or investment presentations.

Give this new feature a try from the Reports & Sharing page for any property:

Create one-page marketing reports for any property

Property Descriptions & Taglines

You can now add a short description (or tagline) of each property on the Property Description page to highlight its best features in exported reports:

Add short descriptions and taglines to your properties

Sign In With Apple

We’ve added Apple Sign In as an available option for DealCheck accounts:

New Apple Sign In Option

And did you know that we prioritize new features based on your feedback?

If there is something you feel is missing or can be improved, leave a comment below or contact us to let us know.