Check out all of the new ways you can personalize your property reports, which we’ve added in our latest update:

Add a Direct Link to Your Website

You can now add a link to your personal or business website when someone clicks on your name or logo in any property report.

Customize it in report settings, under Custom Branding:

Add a link to your website to any property report

Change the Primary Report Color

You can also change the color of PDF report headings, sub-totals, borders, and other visual elements to better match your branding:

Change the primary report color to match your branding

Add Your DealCheck Affiliate Link

If you’re a member of our affiliate program, you can add your affiliate link and turn all links to the DealCheck website into your unique referral links.

This will allow you to earn a commission for referring new paying users:

Add your affiliate link to any property report

Give these new features a try online, or through our iOS and Android app: