Our first update of the year includes 5 new property analysis metrics, 3 new purchase criteria and additional ways to customize your PDF reports:

5 New Analysis Metrics

We added the equity multiple, break even ratio (BER), loan to cost (LTC), loan to value (LTV) and debt yield metrics. You can view them in the app and reports, and even use them as purchase criteria for your properties!

5 New Property Analysis Metrics

3 New Purchase Criteria

We also added the 1% Rule and 2% Rule purchase criteria for rentals and BRRRR’s, and the 65% Rule purchase criteria for flips, to make it easier to find the best investments quickly:

3 New Purchase Criteria for Rentals, Flips and BRRRRs

New PDF Report Options

You can now hide the full property address when exporting PDF reports. This is great if you want to keep the exact location private when sending marketing reports to your investors or clients.

Report settings can also be changed individually for each property going forward. You can configure the default ones in your settings.

Additional PDF Report Settings

Analysis Page Improvements

You can now view all itemized lists right from the property Analysis page, as well as quickly go to their corresponding worksheets for editing:

Property Analysis Page Improvements

Thank you all who filled out our product roadmap survey and helped us prioritize new features that will be the most useful to all of you.

Stay tuned for more updates in the months to come!