Having the most accurate and reliable property information is essential to performing accurate analysis and projections on investment properties you’re buying.

As of today, you can import property data directly from the MLS using our online or mobile apps! The MLS data is provided through our partnership with Zillow® and will help you reduce manual data entry, minimize errors and get the most accurate information available.

What Information Can I Import?

Here is an overview of the property information you can import from the MLS:

  • Home facts, including bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, year built, lot size and parking
  • Current list price, if the property is listed for sale
  • Estimated market value of the property (via the Zestimate®)
  • Estimated market rent of the property (via the Rent Zestimate®)
  • Property photos
  • Listing or owner-provided description

How Does It Work?

Here is how you can try this feature today:

1. Start by Adding a New Property

Add a new property

You’ll notice we’ve redesigned the new property creation process to make it faster and easier to use. Select Import from MLS to try the new MLS import feature.

2. Search MLS Records

Search MLS records

Search MLS by entering the property address. This feature is currently available only in the US, but we plan to expand it to other markets in the future.

3. View & Import Property Listings

View property listings imported from the MLS
Click on one of the properties from the search results to view its MLS listing. You can then import this property to your account for further analysis.

Now Available to All Users

MLS data import is available to all users and we’d love for you to try it out. Open your dashboard to give it a try now.

Have a suggestion? Send us a message if you’d like to see your feature request included in our next update.

Anton is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and founder of DealCheck. He has built a portfolio of 35 rentals and $10k+ in monthly cash flow in less than 5 years, and is passionate about helping others achieve lasting wealth through real estate investing. Read more about Anton.