We’ve just added the ability to add custom tags and labels to your properties, view more comparable details and several new ways to customize expenses for rentals and BRRRRs:

Custom Property Tags & Labels

You can now add custom tags and labels to your properties to help you categorize them, track their status and quickly find them later.

Think of these as “folders”, but with much more flexibility!

Add custom tags and labels to your properties

View Additional Details for Comps

Click on each sales or rental comparable to view additional information about it, including its features, valuation estimates, tax assessment and photos:

View additional details for sales and rental comparables

More Ways to Customize Expenses

We’ve made it easier to customize operating expenses for BRRRRs by allowing you to select during which phase (rehab or rental) they are applicable.

You can also specify whether each preset cost or expense applies for the whole multi-family building or for each unit in your settings:

Customize operating expenses for rentals & BRRRRs

Head over to your DealCheck dashboard to give these new features a try: