One of our most-requested features is finally here – you can now analyze BRRRR deals with DealCheck!

BRRRR stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance & repeat, and is a popular investment strategy. Here is how DealCheck will help you analyze these deals:

New Deal Type – BRRRR

You’ll notice a new tab for BRRRR properties. You can also customize the purchase criteria and default pre-sets specifically for BRRRRs.

The BRRRR analysis page shows the purchase breakdown, holding & rehab costs, refinance information, as well as the cash flow and long-term returns:

Analyze BRRRR Deals with DealCheck's BRRRR Calculator

All Popular Features Available for BRRRR Deals

BRRRR deals come with all of our popular features, including sales & rental comps, buy & hold projections, PDF reports, side-by-side comparison, and the Purchase Offer Calculator:

BRRRR Productivity Tools

Quickly Switch Between Different Deal Types

You can use the quick action menu to switch properties between rental, BRRRR and flip deal types and compare the returns of different strategies:

Quickly Convert a Property to a Different Type

We’d love for you to try the new BRRRR analysis feature and let us know what you think. We’ll be listening to your feedback and making improvements as necessary in the coming weeks.