About DealCheck

We’re here to make property analysis fast, accurate and accessible.

Our Story

DealCheck was founded by Anton Ivanov in 2015, when he noticed that most investors were using inaccurate or outdated spreadsheets and software to analyze investment properties.

The existing tools (even some of the more popular ones like the BiggerPockets calculators) were inflexible, difficult to use and often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And none of them offered a cloud-based analysis platform that could be used on any device.

Ever since then, we’ve focused on building a property analysis platform that is quick and easy to use, but at the same time offers powerful features for more experienced investors. And we’ve always made sure you can seamlessly use DealCheck on any computer, phone or tablet.

Today, DealCheck is used by over one hundred fifty thousand real estate investors, agents, brokers and wholesalers to analyze a wide range of investment properties all around the world.

Our Team

DealCheck is powered by a small team that delivers big results:

Anton Ivanov, Founder & CEO

Anton Ivanov
Founder & CEO

Igor Makrov, Lead Developer

Igor Makrov
Lead Developer

Nicole Owens, Marketing Director

Nicole Owens
Marketing Director

Cindy Bellford, Customer Support

Cindy Bellford
Customer Support